• Mistakes are facts, part and parcel of life which come consciously or unconsciously owing to probably pride, ignorance, negative influence, bias or attacks, some mistakes can be corrected or reversible, overlooked and some cannot but permanent and scar can shape destiny. Some are so ignorantly subsumed into this mistakes that has the capability of sinking their ministries.
  1. Spiritual Laziness occasioned by excessive pleasure at the expense of spiritual exercises. Too much food, sleep, precious time spent on social media etc.
  2. Independent Spirit – Some probably because of some spiritual gifts in them tend to downplay on the regard for spiritual elders and fathers in the faith.
  3. Backstabbing of Benefactors – Many of these young ministers turn round to bite the finger that fed them after they are established in their ministries, it is an error.
  4. Love of Money – This is a very dangerous and destructive mistakes. When a young minister believes that all there is to be in the ministry is money, this is the bane of many up and coming ministers of the gospel we have parading today.
  5. Impatience – Not too many of these young ministers are patient, not even with God, the reason for many break aways and many ‘GOs’ in the land.
  6. Inadequate Training – half-baked and shallow knowledge of spiritual things, not waiting for God’s approval 2Tim2:15
  7. Lack of Accountability – they detest submission and being answerable to superior
  8. Toying with Sin of all forms through what they refer to as liberty in Christ without any recourse to what danger such liberty taken for license can lead or expose them to.
  9. Immortality and Sexual Perversions – many of this young ministers are not free immortality, and all forms of sexual perversions such homosexuality, lesbianism, masturbation, sex toys etc.
  10. Poor Self and Gifts Development – same spot year in, year out. They detest growth rather they go everywhere with same message they are known for.
  11. Climbing and Riding on Others to Rise, the pull him/her down mentality to grow, this is a huge error, you get taller than people by cutting down their heads.
  12. Relationship Disorder – lack of compassion, wearing of long-face, unfriendly, inaccessible, overtly rigid over nothing.
  13. Character Disorder – dishonesty, indulgences, pride, snobbishness, greed etc.
  14. Self Promotion and Show-off – wealth flaunting, displayed bogus titles, attention-seeking intentions, unnecessary and outrageous programme bills.
  15. Slavery to Money Bags – always and only concerned about the well-to-dos because of their pockets, it’s an error.
  16. Rebellious and Disloyal Spirit – departing a ministry in peace not with rancour is the way to go, but many a young ministers do not see it this way. This is the way that can
  17. Receiving Mentality – In other words, entitlement mentality, always wanting to receive and not giving.
  18. Title and Position Craze
  19. Talkativeness – the man of God described this as oral dehydration
  20. Home Abandonment – Some young ministers are fond of abandoning their homes in pursuit of ministry.

The Man of God however stated how to avoid the mistakes such as;

  1. Total commitment to God
  2. Integrity
  3. Competent
  4.  Permanently connected to God
  5. Character driven.

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